The Timeline

2012 Initial Street Collapse and Street Repairs

  • Trash truck collapses a portion of Monroe Street; gets stuck.

  • PWD investigates issue and blames it on neighbor laterals; 6+ laterals are served Notice of Defects (NODs) that are eventually repaired by neighbors.

  • Street repair work by the City stays open for 3+ months, letting in water; neighbors experience basement flooding.

2015 Street Continues to Suffer Localized Collapses and Deterioration

  • Another trash truck collapses a portion of Monroe Street; gets stuck.
  • Streets repairs the break, creating “Lake Monroe” when it rains (a 12′ x 8′ puddle of standing water).
  • Multiple trash trucks get stuck in the street as curbs get higher, due to sinking street. One had to pulled out with a tractor, we have the video.
  • Street collapses near Monroe and Front.
  • Neighbors say “enough is enough”, let’s fix the core issues.

2017-2018 Councilman Squilla Gets Involved to Try to Force City Action

  • Multiple face-to-face meetings.
  • 100s of emails.
  • PWD conducts 4 rounds of testing, including a $10,000 report from Maser Consulting that Donna Schwartz, Deputy Water Commissioner, even said should not have been done. Results show 17 anomalies below the street, only a couple that may have been caused by lateral issues.
  • PWD issues 6 more Notice of Defects for laterals and then refers the matter to Streets for paving.

201? Same Story Different Day

If we don’t fix the underlying issues with drainage, the same results will occur.

PWD seems more focused with issuing NODs (12+ in 6 years so far) rather than fixing the street.